I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord!" —Psalm 122:1


The Prelude

The Call to Worship

It is God himself who calls his people to worship, not we who call ourselves. It is the King who has graciously opened to us the gates of his heavenly city and welcomes us into his courts to eat at his table.

The Song of Adoration

The Prayer of Adoration

Prayers are made to adore God for who he is and what he has done and to request his presence in our worship.

The Reading of Scripture

Scripture is the means by which God graciously reveals himself to his people. For thousands of years, God's people have listened to his word by reading longer passages of Scripture in worship.

The Confession of Sin

God's people respond to his word by confessing their sins together and requesting his forgiveness in his Son, Jesus Christ.

The Assurance of Grace

God assures his people that all who confess their sins will receive forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

The Song of Grace

The Sermon

The Pastoral Prayer

Prayers are made for our needs and the needs of our neighbors.

The Collection

Giving as a part of our worship is a response to God's generosity to us. The collection gathered is for the worship and work of Christ Church.

The Song of Response

The Creed

God's people confess together what they believe. For centuries, the church has used creeds and confessions during worship to articulate what they believe.

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

God welcomes his people to his table. Christ Church welcomes all Christians who have received baptism and are repenting of sin, resting on Jesus Christ alone for salvation, and in the fellowship of a congregation that preaches the gospel to receive the Lord's Supper with us.

The Doxology

The Benediction

After calling them in to his table and feeding them on his word, God blesses his people and sends them out to declare his gospel and display his kingdom to the ends of the earth for his glory.

The Postlude