Whether you're new to church or new to us, we warmly welcome you to gather together with us to share in our life together with God.



God is our God, and we are to worship him in joyful reverence. Our worship is simple and spiritual. You may hear us refer to our worship as “liturgy.” The word liturgy is from the Greek meaning “the work of the people.” Worship is our work, and it’s our work together, as we hear God and respond to what he says through the preaching, reading, and singing of his word, the sacraments, and the prayers. Our liturgy is shaped by Scripture and shares the gospel.


We welcome children of all ages in our worship. Each coo or cry is a reminder to us that "'to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.'" We also have a nursery available during worship for children ages 5 and under.


Parking is available in the bicycle lanes on Meadowbrook Drive and on Scott Avenue. Accessible parking is available on Scott Avenue next to the building. Please follow all city parking ordinances, including parking at least 10 ft. from hydrants, at least 50 ft. from corners, and odd/even where marked.


Our parish gatherings during the week are places where you can continue to cultivate your relationship with God and with others. You can learn more about our parish gatherings here.

Explore Christianity

We understand that belief is challenging and that there are people who have their doubts about Christianity. We want to have thoughtful and respectful discussion with our neighbors and welcome believers and doubters alike to think together about the deepest questions of life. If you are interested in exploring Christianity, we welcome you to visit us on Sundays or at another one of our gatherings.